learn to use your camera like a pro!

Is your camera set on automatic? Otherwise lovingly referred to as “the green square”. It’s okay, we all start there! But I must tell you , even though you don’t realize it yet... There is a photographer in there, dying to come out! 

Whether you just want to take better images of your family or you are looking to do this as a career… (Best. Job. Ever.) When you join me for my beginner photography course, I will show you exactly how to achieve those dreamy images you have been dying to produce since you first got your baby! 
Let me show you what all of those buttons do! I will show you basic composition, understand light, and you will be amazed at all of the cool things your camera can do!

your camera isn’t the boss, you are! 

let’s have some fun!

So, what are you waiting for?



Online Photography workshops

• How to use your DSLR camera (shutter speed, aperture, ISO, focus settings)
• How to work in different types of lighting (from bright daylight to low light)
• Getting that blurry background while keeping your subject sharp and in-focus
• Posing tricks for families, kiddos and babies
• Lighting tips and tricks
• White balance and focus techniques
• Hardware overview including camera, lens and accessories
• Photo editing apps including how to edit your images

Plus, this comes with lifetime access and all lessons are video based - so you'll have plenty of time to revisit and re-watch the classes as your skills grow! I’ll see you in class!

This year my beginner photography class is coming online! 

What we'll cover: 


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or 5 easy payments of $50 a month!

I'm in love with my lens "Mom that's enough for day one!" from my 7 year old... So happy I went to your class. THANK YOU!!!!

I have always wanted to learn more about photography but was having a hard time getting answers. I went to Kiralee's workshop and it was everything I was looking for! Not only did she show me what all those buttons on my camera were for but we got to actually practice taking pictures and learn how to edit them afterwards! I would recommend her workshops for anyone that is looking to get more answers about photography. Her video she made us for Lightroom was awesome. I was having the worst time ever figuring it out. I am awful with computers but her video helped me in so many ways. I am truly thankful I could take part in this opportunity and meet Kiralee!

Kiralee's photography workshop is well worth the money. I now have a better understanding of how my camera works and how to edit my pictures to make them beautiful. Kiralee is smart, beautiful, and incredibly talented. this class is fun and she makes it easy. My photos have turned out SO much better since taking this class.


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